Dental Distortions | 'Troll' FX Fangs
Dental Distortions | 'Troll' FX Fangs

    Dental Distortions | 'Troll' FX Fangs

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    Step into the realm of Norse mythology with our lower-only Dental Veneer Troll Fangs, designed for versatile placement either over or under your lower lip to achieve your desired level of fright. Perfect for embodying the formidable supernatural beings of ancient folklore, all that's left is to find your club and choose your haunt – be it beneath a bridge or hidden among rocks.

    Not to be worn with braces.

    Elevate Your Costume with Dental Distortions by Wolfe FX

    Discover the perfect accessory for any character transformation with Dental Distortions teeth by Wolfe FX. Our collection of custom-designed veneer teeth offers unparalleled realism and comfort, making them ideal for werewolves, vampires, and creatures of all kinds.

    What's Included:
    - 1 Set of Dental Distortions Veneer Teeth: Unique, hand-stained sets for hyper-realistic effects.
    - Thermoplastic Fitting Beads: For a custom, comfortable fit without dental impressions.
    - Velveteen Pouch: Elegant storage for your transformative accessory.
    - Hard Plastic Case: Ensures your teeth are protected between uses.

    - Natural Speech Preservation: The veneer style covers only the front of your teeth, allowing for clear, natural speech.
    - Comfortable and Custom Fit: Easy to achieve the perfect fit with our innovative thermoplastic beads.
    - Handcrafted for Authenticity: Each set's unique design ensures no two are exactly alike, just like real teeth.
    - Versatility for Any Occasion: Ideal for Halloween, theatrical performances, film, or any event requiring a deep character immersion.

    Please Note:
    Our diverse range caters to various mouth sizes, but larger sets might not suit smaller mouths or extensive speaking roles.

    Why Choose Dental Distortions by Wolfe FX?
    As leaders in special effect dental appliances, Dental Distortions by Wolfe FX merges comfort, realism, and practicality. Beloved by the entertainment industry, our products enable performers to embody their roles fully, without sacrificing speech or comfort.

    Please see our full fitting guide on how to custom fit your Dental Distortions. Please make sure you watch this BEFORE trying to fit your veneers and failure to do so may result in you snapping your veneers, for which there are no refunds. 

    Watch the guide >>> HERE <<<

    Unleash Your Creativity:
    Dental Distortions by Wolfe FX invites you to explore a world of character possibilities. Find the perfect style within our extensive range and make your transformation as unique as you are.