Dashbo is the only award winning, cruelty free, vegan friendly UK manufacturer of high quality professional makeup. In 2012 Special fx makeup artist Mike Dargan used his 20 year knowledge of the makeup industry coupled with his 8 year knowledge of materials and chemistry to create The Ultimate Palette range.

Dashbo Creative FX Materials (9)

An Introduction to Prosthetic Making - Starter Kit


Dashbo - The Ink Panther Pens


Out-of-the-Kit SFX Makeup - Starter Kit


Dashbo - The Dark Side Palette - Limited Edition


Dashbo - Profix Pen Applicator


Dashbo - The Susan's Boil Palette - Limited Edition


Dashbo - The Cheshire Tatt Palette - Limited Edition


Dashbo - Bruised Willis - Bruise Wheel (Alcohol Activated)


Dashbo - The Ultimate Carnival Palette