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The Next Step in Makeup Evolution!

EVO makeup is the next evolution when it comes to cream makeup. Unlike ordinary cream or cake makeup EVO dries quickly and provides an instant water and transfer resistant finish. Thus EVO creams are a perfect candidate for applications including tattoo and skin cover up, long-wearing foundation, special fx makeup and body painting.

Additionally, EVO creams are the first creams on the market matching the colors of Endura alcohol based liquids and Encore alcohol activated palettes. Thus EVO creams can be applied on sensitive areas including the face and around the eye where alcohol based products are limited.

Just as many other EBA signature products, EVO palettes are customizable when it comes to color selection to suit individual needs. Additionally, each single color can be ordered or replaced making sure you never run out of colors.

European Body Art - Evo Cream Palettes - Titanic FX (5)

Evo Pan Refill - Water & Transfer Resistant! - European Body Art


European Body Art - Evo Fluid (15m)


Evo Cream Palette - Skin (Light to Dark) - Water & Transfer Resistant! - European Body Art


Evo Cream Palette - Undead - Water & Transfer Resistant! - European Body Art


Evo 3 Pan Palette (Empty)