The Titanic Pro-FX Brush Range are handmade and specifically designed for use in the SFX Makeup and Prop Making industry.

The Vegan friendly range is not only easy to clean because of their hard-wearing synthetic bristles but are built to last with their custom made glue which won't break down in the likes of acetone, alcohol and many other solvents, meaning no bristle loss for you! 

Titanic Pro FX Brush Range (40)

Titanic Brush - Pro-FX 13 Piece Brush Collection


Titanic Pro-FX 11 Piece Brush Collection


Titanic FX | The Duo-Fibre Pro-FX Brush Set


Titanic Pro-FX Fine Tip Duo Brush Set


Limited Edition Titanic Pro-FX Colouring Brush Set


Titanic Pro-FX Brush 112 - 1" Square Adhesive / Remover Brush


Titanic Pro-FX Brush 111S - Mini Splatter Brush


Titanic Pro-FX Brush 111 - Double-ended Splatter Brush


Titanic Pro-FX Brush 109 - Medium Round Duo-Fibre Stipple Brush