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PROSTHETICS Magazine is a lovingly crafted, high-quality and is published three times a year by internationally acclaimed makeup FX designer and prolific educator Neill Gorton; it is THE magazine for fans, followers and practitioners of prosthetics, special makeup FX, animatronics, body and face art.

Each issue includes articles about screen prosthetics, makeup FX and related fields, in- depth interviews with the film industry’s leading global practitioners, and technical information about the materials and processes they use in their work. We go behind the scenes with the prosthetics crews on international film and TV productions, study the careers of leading artists, and begin each issue with advice from an industry leader.

Every magazine also features a fabulous collection of detailed tutorials by highly accomplished artists, creating a collectible library of step-by-step lessons which you will refer to again and again.

On this site: buy individual printed magazines including most back issues, and sign up for an annual subscription to receive future magazines in the mail, or a monthly subscription for continual online access to all issues.

if you’re an education provider get in touch for information about our academic subscriptions that offer great savings for groups of 20+ students and tutors.

The Prosthetics Magazine (7)

The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 16 - Autumn 2019)


The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 15 - Summer 2019)


The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 12 - Autumn 2018)


The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 11 - Summer 2018)


Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 7 Summer 2017)


Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 6 Spring 2017)


Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 4 Summer 2016)