Beautiful Hand-Crafted (Set of 4) Wooden Sculpting Tools – Titanic FX
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Beautiful Hand-Crafted (Set of 4) Wooden Sculpting Tools

Deadly FX

  • £65.00

Lightweight, Durable and Eco-Friendly.

Deadly FX handmade sculpting tools are designed for smoothing and refining sculpted surfaces in both clay and plastiline. These tools are not designed for carving in to clay but are predominantly used to achieve a fine surface finish. Carving with these tools may shorten their lifespan.

Each sculpting tool is hand-carved, sanded, treated, branded and varnished. The wood is sourced from forests around N. Ireland: such as the foot of the Mourne Mountains and The Silent Valley in Newcastle, Co. Down.

Each set of 4 consists of: Wrinkle Tool, Rake Tool, Loop Tool and Large Rake Tool.

- 6-8cm in length
- Lightweight
- Eco-friendly

These handcrafted tools are individually designed therefore no two sets are ever the same.

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