Kryolan - Fixing Spray


Kryolan - Ultra Setting Spray - 50ml


Kryolan Ultra Setting Vapouriser Spray 100ml


Kryolan Pro Shield Barrier Foam 50ml


Derma Shield | Barrier Foam Mousse


Derma Shield | Barrier Lotion - 100ml


The Pore Texture Tool from YK Tools

Watch as Sculptor Andrew Freeman uses his YK Tools to create the perfect skin texture on his Witch Sculpt.

YK Tools - Medium Pore Skin Texture Tool Set (2 piece)

This set is made up of two tools, a medium round and a directional pore skin texture tool.

YK Tools - Set of 4 Skin Texture Stones


NEW // YK Tools - Set of 2 'Large' Skin Texture Stones


YK Tools | Wrinkler Tool Set (3 piece)


YK Tools - Small Pore Skin Texture Tool Set (2 piece)


YK Tools - Medium Pore Texture Stamp (Small)


YK Tools - Medium Pore Skin Texture Tool Set (2 piece)

Protect your products with
The GSG Small Spotty Set Bag
Designed for Hair & Make up Artists

Lovin’ this cool pic of HMUA Wendy Rowe with the
stunning Victoria Beckham 😊


'The Small QodpaQ Clear' by Get Set Go Bags


'The Medium Spotty Bag' by Get Set Go Bags


'The Large QodpaQ Clear' by Get Set Go Bags


'The Kit Bag' by Get Set Go Bags


'The Small Spotty Bag' by Get Set Go Bags


'The Pockets' by Get Set Go Bags (2 pack)


Titanic Pro-FX Brush 104 - Small Filbert Brush

Watch Makeup Artist @Brittanytroche work her magic with our 104 Brush.

Perfectly proportioned brush for create those super luscious lips! Part of our Pro-FX Collection, don't be fooled, this brush packs a punch! It comes with a 1 year Bristle Loss Guarantee!

Titanic Pro-Beauty Brush 11-Piece Complete Brush Set


Titanic Pro-FX 11 Piece Brush Collection


NEW 3-Series - Entire 11 Piece Brush Set (#301-#311) +free Brush Tube!


Titanic FX | The Duo-Fibre Pro-FX Brush Set


SFX Adhesive Glue Brush Set (4 Piece) With Zip Lock Bag


Titanic Pro-FX Fine Tip Duo Brush Set

Incredible Artistic Creation by @Chris_MUFX


Creating head-spinning Character Makeups such as this guy 'Thraak' by @Chris_MUFX requires so much vision, attention to detail, planning and creativity. This level of work and skill doesn't happen overnight, Chris has put so many years of hard graft into his work to be able to create some of the most spectacular makeups.

With all that being said, the tools you use is also so important and we were delighted to hear that Chris is a big fan of our Titanic Brushes and never goes to work without them.

The Titanic Brush Pro-FX Collection is a collection of hard-wearing, detail orientated brushes, designed for mastering all the intricacies involved in SFX and Prosthetic Makeup. From Adhesive Brushes, to Splatter Brushes, Duo Fibre Stipplers to Tiny Liners, the Titanic Brush Pro-FX Collection has everything you need!

The Vegan friendly Brush Range is not only easy to clean because of their hard-wearing synthetic bristles but are built to last with their custom made glue which won't break down in the likes of acetone, alcohol and many other solvents, meaning no bristle loss for you!


Jess FX | Burst Suture Prosthetic (Encapsulated Silicone)


Jess FX - Split Lip Prosthetic (Encapsulated Silicone)


Jess FX - Large Deep Slit Throat Prosthetic Appliance (Encapsulated Silicone)


Jess FX - Set of 4 Multiple Stab Wounds - Wound Prosthetic Appliances Set (Encapsulated Silicone)


Jess FX - Shotgun Wound Prosthetic (Encapsulated Silicone)


Jess FX | Set of 2 Stab Wound Silicone Prosthetics


Xiem Tools - Interchangeable Sculptor's 'Small' Wire Tool Set (9 piece)


Xiem Tools - Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set C (3 tools)


Xiem Tools - Mini Ribbon Sculpting Tool Set D (9 tools)


Xiem Tools Teardrop Loop Clay Trimming Tool (Medium) - Heat Treated


Xiem Tools - Clean Up & Glaze Brush 1.5" High Quality Goat Hair


Xiem Tools - Precision Applicator 1oz Set


Schmere | Aging Crayon Sticks


Schmere | Dirt Bags


Schmere | Dirt Powder | 5 Colours | Quart size / 946g


Schmere | Aging Rounds