Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin - Medium Flesh Colour (1KG)
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Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin - Medium Flesh Colour (1KG)

Titanic FX

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Titanic FX Prosthetic Gelatin is an ideal medium for any makeup artist for gaining invaluable understanding and technical skills for working with 3D prosthetic media. These gelatin nuggets are pre-mixed, pre-coloured, pre-flocked and ready to melt down for use in prosthetic make-up / props. They are also reusable and of food/medical grade.

Titanic FX have developed this expert grade quality of Gelatin, specifically designed to mimic the colour and texture of human skin, it blends flawlessly with the skin giving a professional finish on prosthetic wounds and make-ups. It has been tried and tested on set in LA on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and The Last Ship, withstanding high temperatures and long shoots on set with excellent results.

It is available in a variety of colours from Light, Medium, Dark and Clear skin tones and Blood, Muscle and Fat body tones.


  • Titanic FX Gelatin Nuggets can either be cut up into smaller amounts or heated as a whole. Note that cutting up will lessen the heating time. 
  • Heat in a double boiler (such as a waxing pot) or place in a microwave. 
  • Be sure to stir well and often to avoid boiling the product. 
  • Note: Boiling gelatin will weaken the structure of the product. 
  • Once the Gelatin has melted into a liquid, pour into your (pre-released) mould and allow to cool.
  • You can also place your mould into a fridge to speed up the cooling process.


(TRADE PRICES AVAILABLE for Production and Retailer orders - Please email info@titanicfxstore.co.uk for more information)



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