How to apply Dental Distortions FX Fangs

by Titanic FX on April 26, 2024
Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to safely fit your own FX Fangs, minimising risks of breakages or damage to the veneers.
Watch the video below for detailed instructions BEFORE attempting to fit your veneers. 
Step 1 - Pre-fit the Veneer teeth to match the curve of your arch by placing them in hot water to soften the material
Step 2 - When the veneers have become soft and flexible, take them out of the water and fit them over the front of your teeth.
Step 3 - After softening the fitting pellets in hot water, form a piece into a 2 1/2" long snake about 1/4" thick
Step 4 - Push the fitting material onto the back of the veneer teeth behind where the teeth are. Make sure to push some of the material into each of the two small holes on each side of the appliance.
Step 5 - Place the veneer onto your teeth in an upward motion (use a downward motion for your lowers). Push any excess fitting material onto the back of your teeth with your fingers and tongue.
Step 6 - Hold in place for 1 minute, then gently pry the appliance loose and re-seat to break any undercuts. After two minutes, you can remove the veneer teeth. Let cool completely before trimming.
Step 7 - To trim, you can use small scissors, nail clippers or an exacto knife with a new blade. The idea is to trim away any plastic behind your front teeth. The appliance is designed to snap on over the front of your teeth and you usually wont need any fitting material behind your teeth where it may affect your speech.

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