NEW - The Titanic FX 'Skintone' Alcohol Activated Palette

    NEW - The Titanic FX 'Skintone' Alcohol Activated Palette

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    Introducing our new exclusive Alcohol Activated Palette, a trusted choice among professional makeup artists worldwide for crafting realistic and enduring makeup effects.

    Elevate your makeup game with our Skintone Alcohol Activated Palette, meticulously designed for film and performance enthusiasts. This palette features ten highly pigmented, waterproof, and transfer-proof colours that can be effortlessly activated using 99% alcohol, all conveniently included in one compact kit.

    The Skintone Palette consists of 10 hyper-realistic colours to help you create the perfect look. The colours included in this palette are Vein Tone, Tissue, Fresh Bloody, Prime Yellow, Prime Green, Natural 1, Warm 1, Warm 9, Ebony 2 and Prime Black. This full-size deep well palette is the perfect addition to every Make-up Artists kit.

    Achieve seamless blending and opacity control with our Skintone Palette, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match colours to create visually stunning effects. Our palette stands out for its superior qualities:

    - Film and TV Makeup Quality: Crafted for the demands of the entertainment industry.
    - Water and Smudge Proof: Enjoy makeup that stays put even under challenging conditions.
    - Fast Drying: Experience quick application and drying times for efficient use.
    - Non-Toxic FDA Approved Ingredients: Trust in the safety of our makeup materials.
    - Realistic Colours: Achieve lifelike hues that enhance your creativity.
    Easy Activation with 99% Alcohol: Effortlessly activate colours for immediate use.

    Application Made Simple:
    Our products are designed for user-friendly application. Follow these steps for flawless results:

    1. Preparation: Cleanse your skin thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.
    2. Activation: Pour a small amount of 99% IPA onto the dry colour(s) and let it saturate for one minute.
    3. Application: Use the provided sponge or brush to activate and transfer the makeup onto your skin.
    4. Technique: Apply the makeup using brush strokes or a dabbing motion for precise coverage.

    Longevity Tips:
    Extend the life of your makeup by following these guidelines:

    - Preparation: Cleanse your skin with rubbing alcohol prior to application.
    - Avoid: Refrain from using lotions and oils.
    - Handling: Prevent rubbing, especially when wet. Instead, gently dab with a towel or cloth during drying.

    Why Choose Titanic FX Makeup Products?
    Enter the realm of professional makeup artistry where reliability, durability, and exceptional aesthetics are paramount. Titanic FX are a renowned manufacturer of High Performance Makeup products for Film, TV, celebrities, and makeup artists, bringing you the same high-quality makeup effects for use at home or on the go. 

    Safety First:
    - Age Recommendation: Designed for ages 14 and up.
    - Caution: May stain clothes and temporarily stain skin. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. Do not consume. Keep Activator away from sources of ignition; it is flammable.

    Proper Storage:
    Ensure the longevity of your palette by storing it in a cool and dry place. Elevate your makeup artistry with our Alcohol Activated Palette and embrace a world of limitless creative possibilities.