Schmere | Aging Crayon Sticks

    Schmere | Aging Crayon Sticks

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    Get It Dirty the Clean Way.

    Schmere is used by professional costume designers to age and distress the fabrics of clothes and accessories the actors and extras wear.

    The industry standard, these wide pigment crayons make it easy to apply stains and dirt to your costumes.

    Roll or rub the washable Schmere Aging Crayons or Rounds onto fabric for easy staining, aging, distressing, and weathering. Excellent for wardrobe, cosplayers or anyone looking to create realistic dirty, grimy looks for their costumes.

    Some movie sets even use Schmere to put “schmutz” on fabrics that may appear on stage or film, such as rags, curtains or bedding.

    The great thing about Schmere products is that you can get your wardrobe filthy without damaging the material. Schmere movie dirt washes out, unlike actual grass stains and embedded dirt. That’s why Schmere is one of the best distressing fabric techniques trusted in filmmaking.

    Schmere aging rounds are a compact and hassle-free way to instantly age the appearance of whatever fabric or leather item you apply them to. Simply apply with a sponge or rag and then seal up the tube for next time. ​

    Schmere was lovingly and knowledgeably created by Hollywood costumier Jeff Mark.