Mouldlife Lifecasting Alginate FX9 (7-9 Minute Set) - 500g – Titanic FX
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Mouldlife Lifecasting Alginate FX9 (7-9 Minute Set) - 500g


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Alginate is a non-toxic non-allergenic moulding material which is safe to use on all areas of the body.  As with all fast setting moulding materials preparation is crucial, have all quantities and materials measured and ready for use. Ensure that the model is aware before starting of how they should pose, perform a dry run to avoid material wastage, if casting hands ensure model is aware not to curl fingers as air may get trapped underneath the fingers.

If moulding hands or feet you can use polythene bags or drink bottles or a plastic containers. The advantage of using plastic containers is that the container will in turn become a support jacket for the mould however you do use more material with a container than plastic bags.

If casting onto any area with long hair use a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline to act as a barrier, do not use the petroleum jelly on non hairy areas such as breasts as the alginate will slide off.

 For further information please refer to technical datasheet.

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