'Brows on Point' Bundle //  2 piece Brush Set

    'Brows on Point' Bundle // 2 piece Brush Set

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    Babeeee! Those brows are on point! You can't have sharp looking brows without a sharp looking brushes! Our 201 Brow Brush is designed to give you those super fine hair strokes while taming fly aways with your very own spoolie - If you don't have this in your makeup bag, do you even deserve banging brows? Nope! 

    Second up in this powerful duo is our 104 small filbert giving you the cleanest sharpest outer edges possible for your brows!

    Get your Brows on Point today with this powerful set.

    The Titanic Pro-Beauty Brush Range are hand-made with the highest quality of synthetic fibres, ethically-sourced wooden handles and stainless steel ferrules, the new Titanic Pro-Beauty Range oozes sophistication, luxury and style.

    With our branded yellow tipped handles, you'll be sure to spot your Pro-Beauty Brushes among the rest at the blink of an eye.