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Titanic Brush - Pro-FX 13 Piece Brush Collection
Titanic Brush - Pro-FX 13 Piece Brush Collection

    Titanic Brush - Pro-FX 13 Piece Brush Collection

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    Step into the elite world of special effects makeup with the Titanic Pro FX Brush Set, a cult favorite amongst professional makeup artists. This esteemed collection features 13 meticulously selected brushes, spanning from numbers 101 through 112, inclusive of the versatile 111s. Each set is presented in a washable zip pouch, accompanied by our exclusive Titanic FX Perspex Palette, ensuring your tools are always organized and accessible.
    Specially designed for the rigorous demands of special effects makeup, this vegan-friendly ensemble is celebrated for its superior synthetic bristles that promise ease of maintenance and unmatched longevity. Developed with an advanced, custom-formulated adhesive, these brushes resist breakdown from harsh solvents like acetone and alcohol, preventing bristle loss and ensuring your set withstands the test of time.
    Key Features:
    Handcrafted synthetic brushes, cherished by makeup professionals for their precision in special effects and prosthetic makeup applications.
    Unique adhesive composition that's solvent-resistant, guaranteeing brush integrity and durability, even in the most challenging conditions.
    A versatile toolkit for a wide array of SFX makeup techniques, including application, coloring, blending, and effortless removal of prosthetics.
    A 100% Vegan, eco-friendly collection produced with ethical standards, embodying the pinnacle of quality and sustainability in makeup artistry.
    Join the ranks of esteemed makeup artists and elevate your SFX makeup artistry with the Titanic Pro FX Brush Set – where legendary performance meets innovative design.

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