Fourth Seal Studios | 'Standard' Linda Eyes (Pair) 26mm / 28mm

    Fourth Seal Studios | 'Standard' Linda Eyes (Pair) 26mm / 28mm

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    'Standard' eyes feature a bright white base as opposed to the more natural base in the 'Camera Ready' version.

    We also offer sculpture/casting blanks with bolts to use in your project to ensure that the eyes you purchase will fit perfectly within your cast!

    The eyes featured are 3/4 round with a flat base and have a Corneal Bulge. Eyes can be made without a corneal bulge and hollowed for mechanization upon request 

     Not sure which size to choose? Here are some tips to help you make the perfect choice:

    -The average adult human eye is around 24-26mm, but we recommend a larger size as they read more realistic. 24mm can read small in person

    -Most of our customers prefer to use 28mm eyes in their busts and masks