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    Fourth Seal Studios | Camera Ready Green Eyes (Pair) 26mm / 28mm

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    This selection of human eyes are made with being on-camera in mind. Our basic selection of eyes are made using white resin which can stand out as being 'too white' depending on shooting conditions. Gray cores darken the the 'white' of the eye and can add a more realistic sense to the overall piece the eyes are being featured in. 

    These eyes also feature a hyper-realistic iris to ensure your project looks as realistic as possible.

    Human eyes, while appearing so, are not fully white and these can be the perfect option when realism or shooting on camera are a priority.

    We also offer sculpture/casting blanks with bolts to use in your project to ensure that the eyes you purchase will fit perfectly within your cast!

    The eyes featured are 3/4 round with a flat base for 26mm and 28mm.

    *Please note that all of our eyes are hand made so slight variations are inevitable, however we do our best to stay true to the displayed paint schemes*