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European Body Art - Transfusion Blood Line - 4 Colours

European Body Art

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Choose from any 4 of EBA's Transfusion Blood Colours below:
  • DARK BLOOD (VENOUS) Dark Blood is the perfect match when needing dark horrid blood. It works remarkably well when recreating dead and undead characters. It provides a deep dark blood tone with a hint of brown and blue undertone.
  • BRIGHT BLOOD (ARTERIAL) EBA Bright Blood is the ideal contender for fresh arterial blood similar to nostril bleeding. It is the oxygenated blood that is bright in color. EBA designed the Light Blood with a slight yellow-brown undertone to reflect the presence of plasma.
  • THE BLOOD (DEEP WOUND) The Blood is EBA signature deep red blood. It reflects the true color of blood that is commonly seen in most cases when bleeding more intensely. It has a deep red undertone with a slight hint of yellow.
  • SCAB (DARK BROWN) Scab is a deep brown scab tone blood. It has a dominant brown/yellow tone to it.Scab tone can be used alone to create true blood crust effects or mixed in with other Transfusion blood tones for shade adjusting. This provides a whole other spectrum of various blood tones such as drying, old or aged blood.



  • Unique cellulose based formula
  • Fast drying
  • Wet glossy finish
  • Waterproof
  • Dry to touch
  • Smudge/transfer proof
  • Syrup and sorbitol free

European Body Art’s Transfusion Blood Collection implements a unique and exclusive formulation delivering previously unseen quality, performance and attributes. It meets the long anticipated demand for a completely waterproof and fast drying blood that doesn’t move, transfer or smudge, yet, provides a long lasting fresh wet look. Thus, artists, makeup studios, actors and makeup enthusiasts can rely on EBA’s Transfusion Blood Line to stay put and look real from start to finish eliminating time consuming touch ups and messy transfers while providing ultra-realistic looks. 

Unlike most syrup based bloods, Transfusion Blood dries fast, doesn’t bead and it is not sticky. It dries completely to a high gloss finish giving it the appearance of gooey wet blood. Moreover, the Transfusion blood can maintain its shape even after drying providing the ability to create effects such us dripping blood, blood spills and deep wound bleeding.

*Available sizes: Vial & 2oz. 

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