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Dixie Belle Paint | BOSS Primer | Clear | White | Grey | 8oz, 16oz, 32oz

Dixie Belle Paint

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At last we have a bleed through primer that is both smooth to apply and comes in Clear, White and Grey options! 

Dixie Belle’s BOSS - Blocks Odour, Stains, Stops bleed through - is the furniture painter’s dream, with odour eliminating and stain blocking technology, wrapped up in the smoothest consistency. It’s smoother than an oil or shellac-based primer but with all the power to combat stubborn stains and odours, which can cause problems with your projects.

BOSS is a versatile primer which:
- Blocks musty or unpleasant odours such as nicotine, smoke or pets.
- Blocks bleed through of stains such as wood tannins, old varnishes, water/oil marks, pen and much more.

When would you use BOSS primer and which one should you choose?
Some pieces of furniture, even when painted, will experience ‘bleed through’, where ugly stains and discolouring can appear whilst or during painting.

Bleed through tends to be more of an issue when using lighter colours. If you believe your project may be susceptible, you should prime with BOSS after cleaning and before painting. If the problem only becomes obvious whilst painting, just stop and allow your paint to dry, apply the BOSS in the most appropriate finish and, when dry, continue painting as usual.

If your piece simply has an unpleasant odour to it, BOSS will seal the surface to prevent the smell from escaping from the wood. If you’re not planning on painting the interior, Clear BOSS will seal in the smell without detracting from the original wood finish.

Because BOSS is available in Clear, White and Grey, you have the option to use White or Grey if you are painting your piece in a pale paint colour and do not wish to distress it in any way. Opt for Clear BOSS if you intend to use a very dark colour or if you wish to distress back to wood without exposing a white/grey undercoat.

How to Apply:
Clean your surface (we use Sugar Soap). Choose clear or white BOSS, depending on the paint colours you are using and whether you intend to distress your piece. 

Apply a smooth coat (don’t use your best brushes for this but it’s important to use one that will give a smooth finish in preparation for your paint - we use a synthetic chip brush - and allow to dry for at least an hour (more if you are in high humidity).  

Apply a second coat of BOSS and allow to dry.  Wait at least an hour, then paint over with Dixie Belle Paint.

IMPORTANT: the more curing time you leave before painting over, the more effective BOSS is, so for very stubborn problems, increase the time between each application/painting.

Note: If you have already started painting your piece when you notice a bleed through problem occurring, just stop and allow your paint to dry before applying a coat or two of BOSS, depending on the severity of the bleed through, and then (once dry) you may continue painting your piece.

Clean up brushes using soap and water.  

236ml (8oz) gives 37.5 sq ft of coverage (3.5 sq m)
473ml (16oz) gives 75 sq ft of coverage (7 sq m)
946ml (32oz) gives 150 sq ft of coverage (14 sq m)

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed; keep away from eyes and children.

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