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    Dirty Down - Soot Black Ageing Spray - 400ml

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    Dirty Down Ageing Spray Soot Black 400ml. Our darkest ageing spray colour, almost opaque. Water soluble, semi-transparent dye for ageing costumes and props, quick, easy to use.

    Soot black has a stronger, more powerful spray nozzle than our other ageing sprays. The spray deposits a semi-opaque layer of black dye that creates a dirty, black old or aged look. The spray is water soluble and can be smeared and reworked by wetting with water, but much less water soluble than our other ageing sprays. Fast drying. Ozone friendly.

    • A very resistant and permanent colour, no matter what the fabric. Even visible on darker coloured items.
    • More powerful faster spray nozzle than the other ageing sprays and takes longer to dry.
    • Great for coal and grease stains and graffiti.
    • Least washable of all our sprays, will almost always leave a dark stain on fabrics.

    Basic Usage Instructions

    • The spray comes out at a faster speed than other ageing sprays – it’s best to test before use.
    • Use sparingly, apply several fine coats rather than one heavy coat. The shade will darken with each coat applied.
    • Hold can upright 30cm (12 inches) away from the surface, and spray across the surface in one smooth sweep, keeping the nozzle fully depressed. Spots of concentrated dye may appear if the button is only partially depressed.
    • Our ageing sprays are water soluble and the effects of spraying will be lost by washing in water, but there may still be staining.
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