Dental Distortions | 'Demonic' Creepy Claws

    Dental Distortions | 'Demonic' Creepy Claws

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    Unleash your inner beast with Creepy Claws, the ultimate accessory for anyone looking to add a touch of horror to their ensemble. Presenting DEMONIC Claws, ideal for those embodying devils, demons, and creatures of the night.

    Crafted to film-quality standards by leading sculptors in the industry, exclusively for Dental Distortions, Inc., each set of Creepy Claws is meticulously hand-painted to achieve unparalleled realism. Designed to fit seamlessly over your fingernails like traditional acrylic nails, these semi-rigid prosthetic claws attach effortlessly with special cosmetic tape for a custom fit (included in every set).

    With 10 nails accommodating both left and right hands, you're fully equipped to rip, tear, and claw your way into the hearts of onlookers. Don't miss out on these masterpieces of horror – grab your set of Creepy Claws today!