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    Chavant Clay - Le Beau Touché

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    Chavant Non Sulphurated Plasteline

    NSP Professional Oil Based Clay

    Chavant NSP Sculpting Clay:

    Chavant NSP (Non Sulphurated Plasteline) is a sulphur free professional oil based sculpting clay and is probably the finest quality non-drying modelling clay available. It is used extensively by many Sculpture and Film Studios in the USA for creating models and sculptures prior to having a mould made. We have in this respect found that the clays perform excellently when using silicone rubber to take a mould. Chavant NSP clay has low odour and is certified nontoxic by the Art and Craft Materials Institute in the USA, conforming to ASTM D4236. Chavant NSP Clay may require some heat to soften it to your required working consistency. The ideal softening range is 44 55ºC. It easily warms in hot air with no cracking or drying. The Clay has excellent adhesive properties sticking readily to itself or the armature wire. The Clay is tough but firm, and has the ability to hold excellent detail. The Clay can be smoothed with water, or (taking adequate precautions) lighter fuel or turpentine spirit.

    Le Beau Touché

    (Lovely Touch!) Extremely smooth modelling clay developed in 1994. Non-drying and sulphur free. It is an oil based clay to which wax has been added to enhance its smooth characteristics. Packed in 907g (2lb) sealed blocks. Grade: medium only. Colour: terracotta red.