Baldiez Beads (100g / 500g)

    Baldiez Beads (100g / 500g)

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    Need Baldiez but don't want to pay hideous hazardous shipping charges? we have a solution!
    We are now selling the raw beads material for our Baldiez Bald cap just add Acetone to dissolve and leave for 4-6 days depending on the temperature. (the warmer it is the quicker the beads will dissolve)

    This also means if you're wanting to take a flight, no problem! Without the Acetone it's not flammable and Acetone is pretty cheap and readily available worldwide.

    Directions: Pour in Acetone up to the base of the neck of the bottle. Screw cap on firmly and shake gently until all beads are coated with Acetone. Turn bottle on daily until all beads are fully dissolved, this will take approx. 4-6 days (depending on the temperature) 100g of Baldiez Beads will create 500g Baldiez.

    Guide to mixing your Baldiez Bead can be found here:

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