Titanic FX Flocking Variety Pack x 5 Colours
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Titanic FX Flocking Variety Pack

Titanic FX

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Now you can create your own custom coloured Gelatin at home or work to suit your needs and skin tones with our very own Titanic FX Flocking Sample Pack. 
Sample packs consist of 5 x 100ml Shaker Tubs (1 in each colour) and is combined in a Titanic FX Water-resistant Zip-up Bag (worth £9.50).
Flocking is used as a colour additive to create a beautifully natural skin colour for both Gelatin and Silicone Prosthetics.
Titanic FX Flocking comes in a handy shaker to allow two speeds of distribution. 
Suitable for use by hand or through a flocking machine.

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