NEW 3-Series - Entire 11 Piece Brush Set (#301-#311) +free Brush Tube!

    NEW 3-Series - Entire 11 Piece Brush Set (#301-#311) +free Brush Tube!

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    Introducing the new 3 Series Collection. Our 3 series brushes are designed to be entirely multifunctional. Built to the same spec as our hard wearing Pro-FX Collection, meaning you get zero bristle loss with these bad boys, even when used with heavy solvents such as Acetone or IPA. But they are designed to be used for a multitude of purposes like SFX. Beauty or Bodypainting.

    You can use them for absolutely whatever you like, who are we to tell you what to do.

    This set comprised of Brushes #301-#311 plus when you buy them as a set you get a free Pastel Titanic Brush Tube for free! (Colours are chosen at random).

    As with all our brushes the 3 series are hand-made with the highest quality of synthetic vegan fibres, ethically-sourced wooden handles and stainless steel ferrules. They might seem all green and eco-friendly (which of course they are!) but the new 3 series really do pack a punch! Built to withstand heavy chemicals and solvents such as IPA, Acetone, Lighter Fluid, Naptha, Methylated Spirits and LOTS of removers!

    With our branded yellow tipped handles, you'll be sure to spot your Titanic Brushes among the rest at the blink of an eye.