Titanic FX Twist-up Brush / Tool Protector Case (5 Sizes Available)
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Titanic FX Twist-up Brush / Tool Protector Case (Available in 5 sizes)

Titanic FX

  • £3.75

Introducing the new Titanic FX Twist-up Brush Protector with Twist Lock Mechanism. Made of rigid, durable, humidity and oil resistant HDPE plastic.

Safely store your makeup brushes, hairbrushes, sculpting tools /sharps or just about anything in your kit.

Twist tubes currently come in X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium Plus and XL sizes.


  • Telescopic length extension, twist-locking mechanism to retain extended position
  • hexagon end to prevent rolling
  • speedy, efficient packing of products
  • re-usable
  • prevents damage to you, your brushes and tools.
  • X-Small Tube: Diameter: 28mm, Height: 80 - 120mm
  • Small Tube: Diameter: 35mm Height: 120-200mm
  • Medium Tube: Diameter: 65mm, Height: 120 – 200mm
  • Medium Plus Tube: Diameter: 65mm Height: 200 - 290mm
  • XL Tube: Diameter: 105mm, Height: 200 - 350mm

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