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Worbla - Thermoplastic Sheet - Black Art


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Worbla’s Black Art is a sister product to Worbla’s Finest Art, with a smoother texture and less adhesive, allowing for fine detail sculpting as well as a more forgiving surface for placing details and editing work in progress.

Worbla’s Black Art is non-toxic and skin safe and can be shaped by hand without requiring special safety gear. Black Art can take complex curves without requiring a vacuform, and is self-adhesive when activated – meaning that glues are not required to join pieces. You use hot air, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want. There’s no waste because your scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended. These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty, and many artists use Worbla’s Black Art instead of clay to create near-indestructible pieces.

If you have never seen Worbla handled or tried it yourself, customers often compare it to clay, fruit leather or beeswax when heated: becoming pliable and taking detail well, becoming hard and stable when cool. Worbla’s Black Art can be built up in layers, shaped over forms of foam, foil, wire or similar armatures, and can be used as a single layer.

Worbla’s Black Art can be painted with just about any paint, wax or finish. Black Art’s texture is finer compared to Finest Art, and you may choose to leave it unprimed before painting it, or prime it with products such as Flexbond, Gesso, or PVA glue. Black Art will need less priming than Finest Art, which can save time on larger builds.

We have hundreds of images of projects made with Worbla’s Finest Art, and dozens of tutorials and videos shared with us by the amazing artists who use our product. Check out our highlights below, and check out our Galleries and Tutorials for more!

Below are some examples of what you can expect Worbla’s Black Art to achieve!

Fine details with Black Art and Finest Art. To achieve the thinnest ‘noodles’, roll with a ruler.

More examples of fine detailing, this piece done by Erza Cosplay. You can see a video of the build process here.

Kamui Cosplay created this video to talk about Worbla’s Black Art and show how to make a breastplate using it.

The black surface gives your paint a deeper, richer tone, and also looks less unnatural when and if paint should chip off your piece than the beige of Worbla’s Finest Art. And of course, with Worbla’s Black Art, you don’t even have to paint it if a dull black is what you need.


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