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Vueset - 'Seneca' (6 Section) Empty Container Palette


  • £9.96

The Vueset Seneca Mini Palette contains 6 individual sections, all the same size and compacted down into a nifty, space saving palette that incorporates a ring so you can hook and attach it on to other palettes and bags/belts/etc.

The size of these sections is a bit larger so particularly well suited to foundations where you tend to use more product.

Vueset empty makeup palettes are genius storage solutions for professional hair and Makeup Artists. Designed to decant makeup into for travel and jobs. Every Make Up Artists dream, they allow you to organise and condense your makeup kit down into neat little palettes.

The see through plastic enables a clear view of the contents.

Made from a sturdy plastic these Vueset palettes are incredibly durable and they stack easily which is super handy for Make Up Artists to carry in their kit and to work from.

Perfect for decanting creamy products such as stick foundation and lipsticks.

Can also be used to carry and store crystalsjewels, eyelashes, the list is endless! A selection of sizes to suit all depotting  requirements. 

Dimensions: 2.5x 1.5x 0.375 inches.

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