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    The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 16 - Autumn 2019)

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    Issue 16 is here and we couldn't be more excited about the contents - there's so much to feast on! Journey to Westeros with our extended feature, but stop off on the way for swamps, floods, snap moulds, steampunk, lookalikes, fine art, museums, and extreme old age. Something for everyone in issue 16...

    Look out for

    • Barrie Gower of BGFX on his wild ride through Seasons Four to Eight on the juggernaut that was Game of Thrones – from delicate detail on the Children of the Forest to bulk burn effects and battle scenes, find out how he and his team rose to every challenge

    • Joel Harlow talks extreme old age makeup effects creation techniques and approaches as he ages Zachary Quinto from his forties to 135 in the AMC drama NOS4A2. Look away now if you don’t like creepy nails and teeth…

    • Run, Don’t Crawl: Adrien Morot takes on a MacGyver-like challenge for Alexandre Aja’s alligators-in-a-hurricane-zone big-screen drama. Think popping bones, mattress-foam-based dogs, and plenty of gore. You can thank us later...

    Our features include BGFX’s Barrie Gower on five seasons of the biggest television show in the world, the second part of our profile of Academy Award-winning makeup FX and fine artist Wesley Wofford on his dual stellar careers in movie prosthetics and fine art sculpting, and creating effective lookalike makeup as Russell Crowe is transformed into Fox news chief Roger Ailes and Simon McBurney becomes Rupert Murdoch in The Loudest Voice.

    Tutorials and tech specs include AKIHITO, sought-after artist working in film for studios such as ADI, KNB and Legacy FX, showing us the steps he used to create his beautiful steampunk Tre Kana makeup which astonished everyone at Monsterpalooza 2019, and our transatlantic educators Stuart Bray and Todd Debrecini the crucial process of modifying snap moulds to make customised cores for a multi-piece, overlapping prosthetic makeup.

    Plus: sage advice on getting into and managing a career in prosthetics from Primetime Emmy award-winner for Game of Thrones and co-director of BGFX Sarah Gower, Justin Raleigh and Fractured FX on getting into their swampy stride on one of DC Comics’ most beloved characters, Swamp Thing, five international museums where old prosthetics go to not die talk about the fascination of material effects, compare their wish lists, and discuss challenges in preserving what’s more often thrown away, and this issue’s B-Sides: Joe Nazzaro speaks to Steve Johnson about a trio of Marvels that didn’t make the screen: bake-offs for Fantastic Four, working with Hulk proportions, and demon aesthetics for Ghost Rider.