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    The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 15 - Summer 2019)

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    Luckily all the gore in this issue is silicone, because there’s plenty of it! And if you want to know anything about the development of silicone as a medium in the prosthetics world, there’s no better place. 

    Plus: more monsters and mavericks, and some Marvel to boot...

    In this issue:
    • All the hot details on Hellboy from Joel Harlow
    • A marathon of alterations and alternatives for Adrien Morot on The Revenant in this issue’s B-Sides profile
    • Twilight Creations’ Jörn Seifert on mutilations, expectations, and borrowing a ‘dead’ dog for Netflix’s series Perfume

    Other feaures: Legacy Effects’ Shane Mahan and Brian Sipe on their work on Captain Marvel, Academy Award winning makeup FX and fine artist Wesley Wofford, and the second part of the Doctor Who carnival of monsters by Martin Ruddock. Tech specs and tutorials: Sangeet Prabhaker’s method for creating a rigid frame for an appliance using a hot glue gun, Stuart Bray and Todd Debrecini show us two methods for creating a brush-up mould, and Jennie Roberts and Catriona Finlayson discuss cover-ups for body paint artists and models. Plus: wisdom from Andrew Freeman, and Gordon Smith reflects on his career in his autobiography ‘Unmasked’.