Pale Night Productions | Perma-Gore (32oz)

    Pale Night Productions | Perma-Gore (32oz)

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    Introducing Perma-Gore, the ultimate chunky addition to our beloved Perma-Blood lineup! Designed for those who crave more texture in their special effects, Perma-Gore combines a thick gel base with an innovative mix of chunks and strings, ensuring your gore effects are as realistic as possible.

    Once applied, Perma-Gore dries to a rich, translucent red, boasting a glossy finish that remains flexible, waterproof, and UV resistant. Ideal for use on props, sets, and costumes, Perma-Gore delivers exceptional durability and a stunning visual impact.

    Remarkably, Perma-Gore boasts an indefinite shelf life without the need for climate-controlled storage, offering unmatched convenience. Easily thinned with water for varied applications, it's designed to be skin-safe and will not stain, though glove use is recommended for application. Plus, Perma-Gore is fully compatible with our range of Perma-Products, allowing for custom color and texture blends to suit any creative need.

    Please note, due to its unique thick formulation, drying times for Perma-Gore applications may extend to several days, ensuring your effects achieve maximum longevity and impact.

    Elevate your special effects with Perma-Gore, the versatile, long-lasting solution for truly gruesome, texture-rich gore effects.