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    Evo 3 Pan Palette (Empty)

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    • 1 EVO premium color
    • Protective Clamshell
    • Bag

    The Next Step in Makeup Evolution!

    EVO makeup is the next evolution when it comes to cream makeup. Unlike ordinary cream or cake makeup EVO dries quickly and provides an instant water and transfer resistant finish. Thus EVO creams are a perfect candidate for applications including tattoo and skin cover up, long-wearing foundation, special fx makeup and body painting.

    Additionally EVO creams are the first creams on the market matching the colors of Endura alcohol based liquids and Encore alcohol activated palettes. Thus EVO creams can be applied on sensitive areas including the face and around the eye where alcohol based products are limited.

    Just as many other EBA signature products, EVO palettes are customizable when it comes to color selection to suit individual needs. Additionally, each single color can be ordered or replaced making sure you never run out of colors.

    Application, Storage and Care

    EVO creams can be blended to create custom colors and blends. Initially, EVO does not require water or alcohol activation, it comes ready to use. However, after opening and several uses EVO can slowly become drier and thus EVO SOLV can be used to further dilute the make up or to provide activation when needed.

    EVO palettes come in an air tight bag limiting the exposure to air and extending its lifespan. EVO creams are designed to be used within 6 months in order to enjoy the best properties of the makeup and avoid excessive drying of the product.  It is highly recommended to limit EVO’s exposure to sun, heat and air as much as possible. Additionally, EVO should not be left open when not in use and EVO’s air sealed bag should be used for storage and transportation.


    • Tattoo and skin cover up
    • Long wearing foundation
    • Film and prosthetics makeup
    • Theatrical makeup
    • Haunt makeup
    • Cosplay
    • Body and face art
    • Stage and performance makeup


    • Water, sweat and transfer proof makeup
    • Dries instantly
    • Color matched to EBA alcohol liquids and alcohol activated palettes
    • Fully customizable (color selection for EVO palette)
    • Convenient restocking of individual colors
    • Designed for brush or sponge application
    • Easily Removable with Pro-Clean 
    • FDA approved ingredients

    SUGGESTED OPTIONS (not included)

    • EBA Stippling or Makeup Sponge
    • EBA Brush
    • EVO SOLV
    • Matching Endura airbrush and Encore alcohol colors

    EVO makeup is manufactured at a facility implementing strict manufacturing and FDA compliant measurements. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA.