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Dirty Down - Costume Ageing Crayons - Box of 10

Dirty Down

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Wax crayons for dirtying fabrics and costumes. Each box contains 10 different coloured wax crayons with colours including white, black, various browns and greens.

  • Crayons are especially useful when ageing small areas such as seams and edges of pockets etc.
  • Safe for skin contact.
  • Ingredients contain no hazardous substances.
  • Handy bag provided for carrying loose crayons in your pocket.
  • Hold between fingers and apply directly to fabrics.
  • Each box contains 10 crayons of different colours.
  • Quick and easy to apply when the pressure is on for effective fast results.
  • Not just for costumes – use on any textured surface such as cardboard, rough timber & boarding, wicker, textured paint, bricks and concrete, etc.

10 coloured crayons

Basic Usage Instructions


  • Apply directly to fabric in small areas at a time and not in long continuous lines.
  • For a more “even” dirty mark it may be best to rub the sharp corners off the crayons before use so that they do not catch and make unintended marks on the fabric. The sharp corners are useful for getting into tighter spaces such as seams.
  • Press crayon gently against fabric for fine dirt marks and harder for darker marks.
  • For more control of the shade its best to apply several fine coats rather than one heavy coat.
  • Spread crayon marks by rubbing the fabric together against itself between your hands or by rubbing with a wet cloth – it’s easier to spread fine coats, harder to spread heavy coats.
  • Crayons may not adhere to smooth surfaces, test before use to ensure compatibility and adhesion.
  • Crayons work best at room temperature (20 degC) or just above. Store at room temperature, (not below 15 degC or above 55 degC).
  • Crayons may melt if kept in a hot location near a heater or in direct sunlight.
  • The crayon colour may diminish over time depending on the fabric.

This is not a toy. Keep away from children due to risk of swallowing and choking. If swallowed rinse out mouth and drink plenty of water. In case of persistent symptoms seek medical treatment.

WASHING GUIDELINES: Washes out of most fabrics. Wash with good quality clothes detergent and use stain remover if necessary.

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