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    Polytek Platsil Gel 25 (A+B Kit) Silicone

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    From the creators of Platsil Gel 10, Platsil Gel 25 takes all the great and unique qualities of Platsil Gel 10 and takes it a step further.

    PlatSil® Gel-25 is a Shore A25 hardness, 1A:1B mix ratio, liquid platinum silicone rubber with a five-minute pour time and a one-hour demould time. Use PlatSil Gel-25 as a mould rubber, to create prosthetic appliances and for life casting. PlatSil Gels are widely used for specials effects in television, theatre and film.

    - Exceptionally low A & B mix viscosity
    - Add Deadener LV to create 'super gel' for prosthetics
    - Add Part H Hardener to increase to 40 Shore A
    - Low Shore silicone for animatronics
    - High clarity for flatmoulds
    - Same great tear strength as Gel 10
    - Rapid prototyping moulding material
    - General purpose moulding material

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    Watch this video about Lifecasting with Platsil Gel 25