NEW: Titanic Pro-FX Brush 112 - 1
NEW: Titanic Pro-FX Brush 112 - 1

    Titanic Pro-FX Brush 112 - 1" Square Adhesive / Remover Brush

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    Introducing the Titanic Pro-FX Brush No.112  - 1" Square Adhesive / Remover Brush

    Our 100% Vegan Brushes look after the environment, but don't be fooled - they pack a punch! Built to withstand heavy chemicals and solvents such as IPA, Acetone, Lighter Fluid, Naptha, Methylated Spirits and LOTS of removers!

    Our handles are created using only wood from forest regeneration projects, so combine all of this with our sturdy stainless steel ferules, your brushes will last you for years to come.