Mouldlife - Life form® Life Casting Silicone

    Mouldlife - Life form® Life Casting Silicone

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    LifeForm is a Poly addition cure RTV Silicone rubber which vulcanises at room temperature.
    The two components are mixed together at a 1:1 ratio which offers a perfect thixotropic mixture which is ready to be applied to the body.

    Can be cast directly into your mould and can be used multiple times
    Able to bond to itself allowing the life-caster to apply thinner skins resulting in less material and less wastage
    Offers release properties that are completely unique to this system. Unlike other life-casting silicones that need a barrier or release applied quite thick to ensure a good release, which can obscure the detail.
    Can be applied direct to clean skin with no loss of detail.

    Cure Time - 8-10mins