Now Launching NEW Titanic FX Flocking

by Titanic FX on March 30, 2017
We are VERY EXCITED to announce that Titanic FX Flocking has just landed!! Now you can buy our very own colours for yourself, to custom colour your gelatin and silicone at home or in work to suit your needs and skin tones. We've got two sizes available to you, and each Titanic FX Flocking comes in a handy Shaker to allow two speeds of distribution- what's not to love?!  Can't decide which colour works best for you? Never fear we've got a neat wee flocking sample pack with 5 fabulous colours so you can pick and choose as you please... it's yours for purchasing- While stocks last!! AS IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH, to celebrate the arrival of Titanic FX Flocking, you can grab a fantastic 15% OFF using the code 'FLOCKING15' for one week only! *offer ends Midnight 06/04/17*.

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