Limited edition Christmas gift sets

by Titanic FX Store on December 12, 2016

Christmas is less than two weeks away! TFX want to help take the pressure off when buying that perfect present this holiday season.


In the spirit of Christmas we have come up with a range of limited edition Christmas gift sets especially for SFX Artists. A combination of popular products, pieced together to save you time and money. They wont last long so get yours while you can!

Set 1: This trio set contains brushes 101, 106 and 108. These brushes are great for a stippling effect and colouring

Set 2: This is also a trio set that contains brushes 102, 103 and 105. These are perfect for getting into those hard to reach places

Set 3: This duo-set contains brushes 101 and 102. These brushes are a favourite for fine detail painting and gluing >


This set consists of brush 108 and 106, a sculp gel trio plus the TFX mixing palette! The perfect SFX kit for all artists! >


With great savings and these sets sent ready to be added into the stocking, whats not to love? These won't stay long so buy now to ensure you have them for Christmas!


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