Titanic Prosthetics in stock! New products!

by Titanic Creative Management on April 25, 2016

We are proud to announce our Titanic Prosthetic wound pieces are back in stock and available to buy.
These wounds are made from our famous own brand of gelatin and are expertly hand crafted; the meticulous detail that is put into making these pieces authentic and unique cannot be rivaled by any other competitor on the market, especially not at such an affordable price.

What makes our Gelatin so special?
Titanic Prosthetics; what makes our gelatin special

The wounds created in our Titanic Prosthetic's range come in many varied styles and colours, suitable for all ends and purposes. We have 'Slash wounds', 'Stab wounds', 'Bullet wounds', 'Infected Skin', 'Burst stitches' and more. We are always adding to our range, and we are excited to be launching new products on our website very soon!

If you find you cannot find exactly what you want in our store, we are also more than happy to make your piece to order.

Our gelatin pieces are incredibly easy to apply and remove, making the whole process quick and painless (painless wounds are the future!) from start to finish.

Have a look at some Titanic Prosthetics wounds in situe;

Here is a 'Bullet wound' Prosthetic applied to a victim, sorry, willing and consenting participant at "Belfast City Council's; Creative Careers day".
Titanic Prosthetics Infected Skin (available at TitanicFX Store)
Some lovely infected skin, modelled by the lovely Nuala.

Isn't that the most beautiful stab wound you've ever seen?

Have a look at our range on our TitanicFX store and buy now, before we sell out!


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