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by Titanic FX on June 15, 2017
So Just one week ago, Richard Martin, (MUA who has worked on Hercules, Lady Gaga's Born this Way video, Dr Who and more) ran his Hyper Real Skin painting right here at Titanic Creative Studios, with a full house of 14 extremely talented and eager artists ready to take on the intricate challenge of hyper real painting! And we are proud to say that our Titanic FX Flocking and Pro FX Brush range played a huge helping hand in the creation of these stunningly realistic paintings... check it out!
Missed our course but fancy having a go at hyper real painting... Richard and our students used a range of flocking colours (red, blue, brown and olive) to paint their hyper real faces, and can be found on our website, just click here  
Our Prof FX brushes have proved the essential trusty sidekick for every MUA's kit and worked brilliantly to sensitively paint the intricacies of the human skin! Click here to have a browse at our brushes!

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