How exciting is it that TFX got a product feature on Buzzfeed!

by Titanic FX Store on October 20, 2016

One of our unique Gelatin products was recently listed in the top 25 terrifying makeup ideas on Buzzfeed alongside Pinkstylist, a popular YouTube vlogger around SFX and all things gory! Pinkstylist carried the slit throat effect perfectly in No.14!

The TFX Gelatin range is already sold and used in many professional productions world-wide. With it's unique recipe that gives higher durability and heat resistance as well as flawless blending and shade variety it's a must have for any SFX MUA. This Gelatin line mimics the texture of skin, and flesh perfectly - It is pre-flocked, pre-coloured and ready to melt. Get your hands on some just in time for Halloween, SHOP NOW


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