P.T.M - Prosthetic Transfer Material in Stock

by Titanic Creative Management on May 05, 2016

At Titanic Creative Management we are delighted to announce that we are now stocking a range of products from PTM! We are currently the ONLY company in the UK to be distributing their products. Whether its their famous Red Drum: Theatrical Drying Bloodthere simply magnificent Flesh (available in Light and Clear Tone) or their super convenient Transfer Paper & Release Filmwe have it all!

                                  RED DRUM: Theatrical Drying Blood                  




The inventor of these products, Christien Tinsley won an Christien won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for this revolutionary process, showing the true quality that these products are. They provide a convenient alternative to self-mixed materials so that you can spend valuable time on the things you love instead of countless hours mixing and cleaning up.

We only have a limited stock of these products and they are sure to sell out fast! Have a look at our range on our TitanicFX store before they do!


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