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WoodUBend | Decorative Keyhole Lock Moulding ( 1447 ) | 4.6cm x 7.2cm

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Approximate dimensions: 4.6cm x 7.2cm

The mouldings can be added to furniture to create dimension and detail to individualise your piece or to create a more vintage look. These versatile applique moulding can also be used in mixed media and craft projects to create a truly unique look.

Heat bendable wood mouldings for quick and simple decoration of furniture, objet d'art, glassware and many other everyday items.

WoodUBend is a revolutionary and unique type of decorative moulding. It has all the properties of wood, and can be drilled, sanded, glued, painted, stained, varnished, or distressed and, additionally, can be bent as desired when heated up.

WoodUbend mouldings are made of a wood pulp product based on sawdust that, when mixed with other, eco-friendly components, becomes a paste. Initially it is placed in metal forming moulds and pressed in a thermal press. After 48 hours, it is demoulded, resulting in a sturdy object which is heat-bendable but can also be treated like wood.

Ready to see WoodUBend in action? Check out this great tutorial by Solly Jo below.