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Titanic FX - Alginate Slow Set (8-10 Minute Set)

Titanic FX - Alginate Slow Set (8-10 Minute Set)

Titanic FX

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Titanic FX Slow-Set Alginate


Titanic FX Alginate is a non-toxic non-allergenic moulding material which is safe to use on all areas of the body.

Our Alginate offer you a fine grade product providing you with a lump-free consistency and flexible working times.

Simply mix the alginate powder with water at the recommended ratio for either a pourable or a paste consistency. Totally non-toxic so can be applied by hand and onto skin.

Instructions for use

Prepare your subject or surface as required

In a mixing bowl, weigh out powder and add half the water

Stir well for a smooth and lump-free consistency

Add the remaining water until desired consistency is reached.

Mixing Ratio

1-part alginate powder / 1-2-part water

Mixing Times (based on a water temp of 20-24 °C)

Mixing time: 45 seconds

Setting Time: 8-10 minutes

Setting time can be increased by using colder water and decreased by using warmer water. Thicker mixes will also set a bit quicker.


Hazard Statement: May cause damage to lungs through prolonged/ repeated exposure. Route of Exposure: Inhalation. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Precautionary Statement: Seek medical attention if you feel unwell. Always use a face mask when mixing in its powder form. Do not inhale.


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