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The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 17 - Winter 2019)

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This issue’s definitely one for the history books! We look back at extraordinary histories: of careers, long-running shows, even the history of life casting itself…

In this issue:
• Rick Baker examines his formative years, including a pivotal meeting with Dick Smith
• Spectral Motion re-team with Guillermo del Toro in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
• Australia’s Make-up Effects Group (M.E.G.) create demons for Nekrotronic

Other features: Two Academy Award-winners, as we see Joel Harlow’s collection of Lovecraftian characters developed over a 20-year period and Mark Coulier’s work on a Kazakh political drama; tutorials and tech specs: body paint champion Nix Herrera shows us how to make body art stencils to save time and deliver great detail, Neill Gorton takes us through sculpting the human ear at a twice-life-size, and Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni use the ear cores they made for Issue 16 to create ear tip appliances in foam latex. Plus: wisdom from multi award-winner Neill Gorton, tracing the history of death masks, and Todd Masters remembers Tales From the Crypt as HBO’s horror anthology celebrates its 30th anniversary.