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The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 14 - Spring 2019)


In this issue: Academy Award winner Christopher Nelson talks set etiquette, industry veteran Robert Kurtzman's work on Netflix hit 'The Haunting of Hill House' and transatlantic educators Stuart Bray & Todd Debreceni show us how to deal with bad edges on prosthetic appliances.

Joe Nazzaro reveals the superb creature FX that didn’t appear in 'The Predator' and investigates a fascinating new book which reveals the secret origin of the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' and the unsung talent of Milicent Patrick.

We look up-close at Mike Marino and Prosthetic Renaissance's majestic ageing work for HBO’s 'True Detective', 'Doctor Who' expert Martin Ruddock explores how the show’s monster and special FX requirements were met over the years in part one of a two-part feature, Neill Gorton shows us how to duplicate an appliance sculpture with a simple clay squeeze technique, and Paul Jones talks about his all-too-brief tenure on 'Star Trek Discovery'.

Plus...The incredible success story of Immortal Masks, a review of The Prosthetics Event and Neill Gorton on the race to turn Sir Kenneth Branagh into William Shakespeare for 'All is True'...