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Dixie Belle Paint | White Lightening Cleaner | 236ml

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New! White Lightning Cleaner with a FREE Pair of Gloves (one medium pair per customer per order)

White Lightning Cleaner has finally landed in the UK! This cleaner is highly effective at de-greasing and removing all debris from your furniture, kitchen cabinets and anything else you’d like to paint. White Lightning is the perfect prep for your furniture projects, helping you achieve the best outcome for your painted masterpiece. 

How to Apply:
Mix 2 heaped tablespoons (tbs) of White Lightning granules in 1 Gallon (approx 4.5 litres) of hot water and mix until dissolved.  We recommend that you wear gloves whilst cleaning and you’ll receive a FREE Pair of Medium Latex-Free Gloves with every White Lightning order. 

- Use a lint free rag or soft scouring sponge, wet with white lightning solution and scrub your piece. Clean your furniture well, until you see no more dirt or grime. Then make sure you wipe your piece with clean water to remove any White Lightning residue, refreshing your water regularly to ensure a clean surface.  
- Whilst cleaning, do not let puddles develop on your piece. Allow to dry thoroughly prior to painting.

TOP TIP - When cleaning large pieces, mixing a bowl of White Lightning may be preferable, however, we would also recommend decanting some mixed White Lightning into an empty spray bottle for easy use.

Pot Size: 236ml / 8oz
Gloves available in Small / Medium / Large (One free pair per order. More pairs may be purchased separately.)