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    Dixie Belle Paint | Guilding Waxes | 40ml (1.3oz)

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    New Collection. Far stronger in tone and opacity than furniture waxes, are gilding waxes. Bring a a touch of beauty, shimmer and sheen, and a dazzling metallic lustre, to your piece with Gilding Wax. This oil-based product is highly opaque, creating instant glam and wow factor to your projects. Use gilding waxes on ornate carvings to enhance texture or detail with a metal-like flare.

    This collection is currently available in the UK in 5 colours:
    Black - accent your pieces with heightened depth or add age using this rich and lavish black wax. Apply to every day furniture for a timeless and elegant feel.

    Silver - build on additional shimmer and shine by applying this striking silver to your pieces. Leave your pieces looking refreshed and buffed with this silver metallic wax. This wax will add additional bling to anything.

    PLEASE NOTE: Gold, Copper, Bronze and Zinc are NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK due to regulatory issues.

    You can apply Gilding Wax with your finger, cloth, sponge or with a brush. Let the Gilding Wax dry for 30 - 60 minutes. Lightly buff after 12 hours to produce a beautiful gilded finish.

    TIP - if the lid is left off and the wax becomes dry, add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits and mix. Remember that Gilding Wax is oil-based, and so has a stronger odour than other waxes - use in a well ventilated area!

    Each colour comes in a 40 ml (1.3 oz) container.

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    Colour Accuracy Disclaimer
    Whilst we’ve taken every effort to craft the colours you see on screen to accurately reflect the colours in the Dixie Belle Paint collection. Due to differences in screen settings, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Learn more about Colour Accuracy.