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The Prosthetics Magazine (Issue 20 - Winter 2020)

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In this diverse issue, you’ll find prosthetics for new comedy and horror movies plus a time-hopping TV series, a stunning lookalike makeup and the concluding part of a multi-part airbrushing tutorial. This issue is also a product of the difficult times it was compiled in; you’ll notice a lack of reference to Covid-19 because we want you to escape the relentless stress of it for a while. Instead, you’ll find an inspiring 22-page article showcasing how 8 of the industry’s busy artists turned a negative into a positive and continued being creative.


  • How the makeup FX team on Bill & Ted Face the Music tackled muscle suits, ageing makeups, reprising the Grim Reaper, creating a time-travelling robot and more
  • The story of the Swamp Thing TV series characters that fell victim to a surprise shutdown of filming in this issues B-Sides column
  • The makeup team on ambitious German sci-fi series Dark discuss the complex task of creating the prosthetic FX for three seasons of time-hopping drama