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Blank #2 Platinum Silicone Flat Mould by Stuart Bray

Stuart Bray

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Sculpted and Moulded by the legend Stuart Bray, 'Blank #2' is a set of three small patches, conveniently shaped and styled to sit pretty much anywhere on the body and allow you to create endless effects.

Here we made a screw get stuck, a circular flap of skin injury and a nasty little laceration. Because they start out life as smooth skin texture patches, they are also great for repairing appliances damaged during use!


Use this mould with any Platinum SiliconeProsthetic Transfer Material or Gelatin!

Mould Specs

Mould name: BLANK #2

Approx. Weight: 48g

Approx. Dimensions: 90mm x 64mm x 9mm

What to know how to make and apply prosthetics using these genius flat moulds? Check out this how-to video!

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