40% OFF - 1st Generation - Titanic Pro-FX Brush 110 - Round Duo-Fibre – Titanic FX
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50% OFF - 1st Generation - Titanic Pro-FX Brush 110 - Large Round Duo-Fibre Stipple Brush

Titanic FX

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Titanic Pro-FX Brush No.110 - Large Round Duo Fibre Stipple Brush

Our 1st Generation Pro-FX Brushes are reduced significantly in price due to an error in production, meaning the glue is not as hard-wearing as our current 2nd Generation brushes. 

These brushes can still be used in SFX Materials, but it is not recommended to leave them soaking in solvents for pro-longed periods of time. 

Great for those jobs which you don’t want to ruin your favourite brushes on.

Therefore, there are no returns on these 1st Generation Brushes.


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